Douglas Fir Infused Vinegar

Douglas Fir Infused Vinegar


The most original of all our Vinegars. The Douglas Fir is picked from the fields in the morning and processed the same day. A Citrusy Floral Fusion. Not what you expect at all. This one will knock your socks off.



Product Description

Sprinkle on your salad for a refreshing hint of the forest. Use as a marinade. One or more teaspoons added to club soda makes a refreshing beverage.

Ingredients: water, sugar vinegar, Douglas Fir tips, allspice

Additional Information

Weight 540 g
Dimensions 23.5 x 7 x 7.5 cm
Vinegar Flavour

Blackberry, Crabapple, Pear, Pear & Blackberry, Plum & Blackberry, Apple Cinnamon, Rhubarb