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Warranty Of Capacity To Execute Agreement

12.1 Products may contain parts of multiple origin, including the United States of America (“USA”). The buyer must comply with all applicable export laws, rules and rules, including, but not only in the United Kingdom), Germany, the European Community and the United States, and will not export or re-export products in violation of those laws, rules or rules. The buyer ensures that all reasonable and reasonable steps are taken to ensure that any other person or entity that buys or buys the products from the buyer is not exported or re-exported in violation of the aforementioned laws, rules and regulations. 12.2 If an export licence is required to carry out Sperry Marine`s commitment, including, but not limited to the provision of products, services or warranty repairs in accordance with item 9, and that this export certificate has not been issued or issued, Sperry Marine has no other obligations to the purchaser under the buyer`s designation and this contract is automatically terminated. In the event of cancellation for this reason, the purchaser is not entitled to reimbursement of any expenses already incurred or any other compensation that is outstanding, but Sperry Marine is entitled to all payments for products or service work already carried out under this agreement. 12.3 If an order has been accepted and Sperry Marine later discovers that the order in its reasonable opinion is inconsistent with paragraph 12.1, that order will be cancelled immediately by Sperry Marine. In this case, the buyer is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs already incurred or any other compensation. 12.4 The purchaser agrees that the products and/or service work provided under this agreement should not be used for purposes related to chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or missiles capable of supplying these weapons; They are not sold or transferred when they are known or presumed to be used for such purposes or are likely to be used; that products are not re-exported or otherwise sold or transferred to an embargoed destination of the United Nations, the European Union (“EU”), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom or the United States, if this act violates the provisions of that embargo; products or reproductions are not used in nuclear explosives or in unsecured nuclear fuel cycles. 12.5 Unless sperry Marine is previously excluded, the purchaser also agrees that the products and/or service work provided under this agreement are not re-exported or otherwise sold or transferred to a military end user and/or a military end-user; any person or entity subject to trade restrictions imposed by the United States, the United Kingdom and/or the European Union, including, but not limited to, the list of rejected parties and entities of the U.S.

Department of Commerce, the list of specially designated U.S. Treasury Department nationals, and the list of sectoral sanctions and Schedule IV of the Council Regulation (EU) No. 960/2014. 12.6 The purchaser guarantees that he is not in possession or control of a person or agency subject to economic or commercial sanctions imposed by the United States government, which, for any reason, prevent U.S. companies from conducting financial transactions with that entity, including, but not limited to, their home or headquarters in a country subject to such sanctions (currently Cuba, Iran, Syria and Sudan) or a designated national in accordance with U.S. provisions. 12.7 The purchaser further guarantees that it is not established in a country or that it does not have its head office where the export or re-export of goods or technologies subject to the rules of the U.S. Export Administration is generally embargoary (currently North Korea) or controlled by a U.S.

government agency.