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Xfinity Communities Service Agreement

Many communities in Florida have mass cable contracts for their homes or units. A mass contract allows each unit in the community to have a TV signal service from a single provider for what is called a discount. My community signed a 15-year contract for Comcast Cable Basic Service, written by the developer before she left the store. Basic is minimal channels and generally do not require a cable set-top box. The management service benefits from a fiber optic tube to the property with a connection based on Metro Ethernet. The “Metro Ethernet” approach ensures the capacity and management of the service level agreement (SLA) purchased by the customer. Comcast will typically install an access point for each two units, say Slovin and Mancini. A managed service can provide MDU residents with access to Wi-Fi throughout the home. (Source: Comcast Video) With the revival of the construction industry and the proliferation of closed communities in Florida, the number of different types of technologies of television signal providers, mass cable contracts make no sense. Slovin adds that Comcast`s managed service is very inexpensive if it compares it to a purpose-built WiFi network that health facility owners might consider installing separately. The combination of DOCSIS 3.1 and the ability to use existing infrastructure is a compelling business case, he says. In this sense, WiFi and the network it supports will remain a cornerstone of service delivery, especially alongside network comcasts of hotspots, as the sources show. The increase in Wi-Fi dependency and the increase in the number of services that WiFi will enable should occupy XFINITY communities – and similar entities for other cable operators – in the foreseeable future.

The extract process is just as simple for residents and managers, facilitated by a simple call to Comcast customer service to end the service. The device is then ready for the next occupant to begin the activation process. While cable operators devote a lot of time and resources to a satisfying Wi-Fi experience for private customers in their homes, these detached homes are generally not the only sites to serve. Comcast`s XFINITY Communities division is responsible for providing the company`s services in markets such as apartment buildings (MMR), university campuses and healthcare facilities. These client websites usually offer a little more complexity than your average home. Fortunately, say sources within XFINITY Communities, Comcast network planners have a variety of technology options. A managed approach may be preferred if the density of customers is large enough to risk disrupting multiple gateways, or if the property owner wants customers to have access to roaming Wi-Fi. Here, XFINITY WiFi Select would be helpful.

“It`s basically a large-scale wi-fi service, where we build dedicated access points across the entire home,” says Slovin. “Residents receive an authentication code and can use Wi-Fi throughout the unit, whether they are in the hallway, in the community area, in their friend`s unit and in their unit.