Specialty Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for that special or unusual gift to give to someone who has everything, then look no more. The specialty gift baskets at Snowdon House are delightful and I’ve purchased several over the years and given them as gifts and they are a big hit every time. Especially great for family or friends

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Rose Petal Jelly

This is a relatively new product, which I bought on my last visit to Snowdon House because I remembered at boarding school my friend’s mother made Rose Petal Jam from the wild roses in the fields around where she lived in Devon. Tastes like champagne. Delicious baked on a scone. K. Braunizer

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Snowdon House Soups

Someone gives you 30 minutes notice that they want to pop around and it is lunch/supper time. Make sure you have some Snowdon House soup mixes in your cupboard and you can have a delicious flavoured soup in under an hour. Mix it with the Snowdon House Bread mix and you have the perfect meal!

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