Apricot Mango Brie Topper

The Apricot Mango Brie Topper is so tasty, not just on a baked brie but as a wonderful topping and marinade for chicken breasts. I do up the chicken breasts in this a few times a year now, and it has become one of my favourite chicken dinners. More simply, it is also just great View Full →

Specialty Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for that special or unusual gift to give to someone who has everything, then look no more. The specialty gift baskets at Snowdon House are delightful and I’ve purchased several over the years and given them as gifts and they are a big hit every time. Especially great for family or friends View Full →

Rose Petal Jelly

This is a relatively new product, which I bought on my last visit to Snowdon House because I remembered at boarding school my friend’s mother made Rose Petal Jam from the wild roses in the fields around where she lived in Devon. Tastes like champagne. Delicious baked on a scone. K. Braunizer

Lemon Verbena Vinegar

We love the fruit-infused vinegars, and the lemon verbena ginger is our favourite (Douglas Fir is our next favourite). We add a light sprinkling of this to our salads—no need for oil! It adds a lovely light finish. J. Newman

Snowdon House Vinegar

I am never without Douglas Fir Vinegar, quite simply. It transforms dishes, such as sautéed kale, or any vegetables or salad that need perking up. I give it as presents so I always have a bottle or two on hand. D. Chown

Snowdon House Soups

Someone gives you 30 minutes notice that they want to pop around and it is lunch/supper time. Make sure you have some Snowdon House soup mixes in your cupboard and you can have a delicious flavoured soup in under an hour. Mix it with the Snowdon House Bread mix and you have the perfect meal! View Full →

Bread Mixes are Great!

I love the compact, well-labeled packaging as well as the baked results of Snowdon House Breads. And what could be easier than adding a can of cider or beer and popping it in the oven?! It sure helps with the extra baking I’m doing during COVID times. J. Newman    

We are so glad we came.

On behalf of our entire group, thank you for the novel tasting experience. It was delicious. Thank you for making us welcome in the heated tent. We are so glad we came.  Thank you for making a November afternoon delightful.

I loved the décor.

I loved the décor. Loved the presentation and the new tastes. The shop time was perfect to collect goods we had just been inspired by.

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